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Community Service

The Carderock Springs Elementary School Community Service Committee is excited for the 2018-2019 school year. Our hopes are to have successful projects that serve as opportunities for learning about the importance of service to others and our community, as well as initiate meaningful dialogues for families and amongst the kids and teachers in our classrooms. As always, participation in community service projects is completely voluntary, but highly appreciated!

The committee is still finalizing projects for the 2018-2019 school year, however we are looking forward to continuing some traditions such as the warm clothing drive which benefits another Montgomery County school community, our holiday giving program in which we "adopt" families-in-need in the D.C. area, and, of course, Martha's Table sandwich collection. We are also excited to launch some new projects in partnership with the SGA, such as Crayola's ColorCycle program in which markers are recycled to create fuel.

Any questions or ideas, please contact us. Thank you!
Pamela Liptak - pamela@mattercreative.com
Laura Farrell - LauraFarrell10@hotmail.com
Kathryn Raab - kcraab@gmail.com
Julia Wong- juliaaldenwong@gmail.com
Marsha Boshnick- mboshnick@gmail.com
Amy Herbst - amy.s.herbst@gmail.com


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